Audio Playback Speed

Hi all

New to Vista, upgrading from a more basic software,
When I add an audio file into a cuelist, It plays too slow.

If the playback speed is set at 100%, shouldn’t it play at normal speed?

Any insight appreciated! :smiley:


What kind of file are you adding and what is the sample rate?

Which build of Vista are you running?

Build is 21919.

The files I have tried using are all .WAV files
1536 kbps

Hope this helps

That sounds like it is the bitrate not the sample rate. The sample rate should be something like 48khz or 44.1khz. Both of those should be supported in that build however if you are using 96k then it is entirely possible that could cause an issue. To be safe I would re-encode the file at 44.1k. There is no need for a higher sample rate in Vista, the audio processing isn’t on broadcast level.

Hi Ben

Sorry it was encoded at 48khz.
Encoding at 44.1khz appears to fix the playback issue

Thank you