Artnet limit 0 to 10

Hi, i have a 4096 dongle on Vista 3 latest release. In connect univers, add artnet, i’m limited 0 to 10. The luminode device ArtNet on site start @101 to 112. How can i connect univers whitout any change on the luminode festival from multi users. Thanks, Best regards. Florent

Ok. I can’t, so i change Artnet for sACN on the luminode and store my config. and reload for the other light show followin. In sACN i can store 101 true 110.( just following same number rang to be clean for switch again in Artnet first GMA user) Vista could be have more than 10 range for artnet in next future, possible?

Use the R4 beta that is here on the forum. It has the updated Artnet spec that allows Net, Subnet, and Universe.

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Ok i 'll looking in BETA R4