Art-Net broadcast and more


IP1 / IP2 and Art-Net broadcast -> this has always confused me quite a lot.

A few frequent questions on this topic:

  1. What is this concept of two network interfaces in use for a single broadcast output(s) -> why not 1, 3 or all available?
  2. What are the benefits of this approach?
  3. Why possible Art-Net broadcast addresses are limited to only one? For example Is this some limitation by the protocol itself? For example, I would be glad to control a light rig on one subnet and Resolume with all its ‘garbage art-net led walls’ on the other so I don’t have to think about Art-Net port collisions, etc.
  4. What logic is used to pick a ‘secondary’ network interface (IP2)?
  5. Is there a way to stop Vista to broadcast data over NI (I mean IP2) where none expects it? For most of the cases, it seems pointless and sometimes even introduces unexpected side-effects. For example, if wifi and ethernet adapters are connected to the same router you easily can force nodes to process duplicate data packets for no reason.
  6. Is the node discovery the only way to unicast in Vista?

Hope this makes any sense. :slight_smile: