Angles of the labels on rotated fixtures

Not a big deal to me personally, but just wanted to show what I’m seeing when I rotate fixtures. The fixture label moves to very “interesting” angles when rotating a fixture:

Have you tried the “labels ignore rotation” in the layout properties. This is a new setting.

Thanks @jack.moorhouse, I was not aware of that new setting. So I enabled that setting.

On the already rotated fixtures (the multi-element fixtures), the labels moved but just to a new “interesting” angles.

For the single-element fixtures at the bottom, after my previous screenshot I discarded the rotation since I don’t need them rotated - I was just rotating them for testing this issue. So I tried rotating them again now that “labels ignore rotation” is enabled, but they still rotate to “interesting” angles.

What happens if you move them in the layout slightly, does anything change?

Needless to say, you shouldn’t be getting those interesting angles. It should look like these two images.

Moving them in the layout doesn’t have any effect.

Send us an export of your showfile with a link to this forum thread and we will be able to look into it for you.

Hi @jack.moorhouse,

I did some testing with a brand new show file, and it looks like its ‘Labels ignore zoom’ that it resulting in the “interesting” angles for the labels. (Even if you haven’t done any zooming yet.)

With ‘Labels ignore zoom’ unchecked:

With ‘Labels ignore zoom’ checked:

Thanks Joel, you are correct.

I have added this to our bug squashing database.

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