Vista Discord Server & Thanks Vista Team & Macros req

Idk if this is a good idea but i know that ma2 and ma3 is a big software and there are groups that focus on support for them but Vista does not have a server where you can ask around. I know they have the facebook but Discord is kinda like the new more modern thing now. @jack.moorhouse and community let me know if you think this is a good idea because i have some templates ready to go. Also Congrats vista devs on R4, I read the release notes file and it looks amazing! Keep up the good work and maybe work on adding macros (pretty plez)


Hi Josh,

Could you upload your templates to this forum? Discourse (this platform) arguably also provides a place for the community to interact and share ideas and questions.

I don’t think we will be looking into a Discord server in the near future. The reason behind this would simply be that we are currently tied up working on actual Vista stuff. This could be working on R4 and R5, but also implementing things like new systems that we use behind the scenes.

Thanks for your kind words on R4. I think you should also be blown away with what we are currently working on in R5.

When you say “macro”… what’s the actual end result that you want to achieve using such a tool?


It could be a community ran server, Or an unofficial server

sorry for very late reply, When I mean by macros is that in ma3 theres a feature called go+ and someone was able to create a macro that allows them to pre-select cues and then have them all execute at one. This will be amazing for a drop in a song. A example is here: 2023-06-22_21-43-32

Also you should also implement using the return key when popups are or alert messages appear. You have it to default set to no when I click return but preferably I would want it to select yes if I were to click return and esc should be close/no for a window.

We are actively working on something that should provide this functionality (and much much more) in R5.
… and done the Vista way without boring Macros.

Noted on the default key press. I will pass this message on.

W Vista dev team

Agreed on the enter/return key press selecting the yes option. When quitting vista it would be great if the “Are you sure…” dialog would default to enter = yes. This is how it is with many other softwares (like ProPresenter) so that in case something is wrong with your mouse you can still quit.


Not sure how many people notice this but it is possible to press Y or N on the keyboard when you quit:


Of course that is only on the Quit dialog, dosen’t help in the Save dialog…or any other for that matter.