Vista and AppleScript

As far as I know, Vista does not support AppleScript on Mac at the moment. I would absolutely love the ability to control everything in Vista via AppleScript! The automation opportunities would be endless! For example, I could create a script that would, via AppleScript, control Vista and have it automate the process of creating cuelists with commands in them to fire effects.

I know at the moment, Vista supports Midi and MSC messages for controlling cuelists. And I can select menu options automatically via other software I have (Keyboard Maestro, to be specific). But AppleScript would (ideally) implement functionality for so much more, such as creating new cuelists, sending Command Line messages without actually typing them, or controlling the virtual console without being in the console view. If AppleScript was implemented, here’s a few things I would like to see:

  • Command Line commands. For example, tell application Vista to execute command line command “group 3 @ 100”
  • Virtual Console control. For example, tell application Vista to set fader level of “fader 1” on “virtual s3 console” to 50% or tell application Vista to press “play” button on “playback 1” of “virtual s3 console”
  • Cuelist & playback control. tell application Vista to play cuelist 15 or tell application Vista to create new cuelist
  • Complete UI control of the features panel. tell application Vista to click button “Intensity 100” or tell application Vista to click button “color tab”
  • Complete UI control of the effects panel. tell application Vista to click button “tap tempo”
  • Apply presets, effects templates, snapshots, extracts. tell application Vista to apply effect template 512 to group 3 or tell application Vista to apply preset 21 to group 10

Some of that might be redundant with what can be done via command line, sorry about that. In general, the ability to send Command Line commands via AppleScript and press any button in the UI via AppleScript is what would be ideal.

If AppleScript was implemented, the automation and control opportunities would be dramatically increased for Mac users!

To be honest, i would like to know why you would go this way with apple script, don’t get me wrong. I love applescript (and that u can run applescripts from within qlab) but normally I use it only if I want to do something whats really out of the box (like triggering specific songs in spotify for example).

I’d rather have a deep osc implementation because there are more programs compatible and the syntax is more clear/less error prone. You can set fade times for every command and hook it up with almost everything now days (trigger an atem video switch or mute a audio fader on a digital mixer) and in general you can do al the things you request except that i don’t think keyboard maestro uses osc, but there are a lot of other apps what could map osc commands to your keyboard keys (or what ever really).

I think applescript is kinda difficult in general and picky about what screen you should and should not adres.
I wouldn’t advise for live shows, but for editting it could be nice.