Virtual displays for legacy consoles

Really strange request)
I really like the virtual console display of the new consoles. They are more informative than those physically built into some legacy consoles.
I would be happy if it would be possible to display virtual displays for legacy consoles (S1,S3,L5)

Hello Dmitriy,

We like them too!

There are however no plans to update any of the legacy virtual consoles. The graphical framework (from a code point of view) for these consoles is very different to the EX and MV. Therefore the amount of work involved in re-building these is unfeasible for discontinued hardware. We would much rather put that R&D cost into developing new features.

The only exception to this rule is the M1. This (virtually) is the same as the MV, so will therefore mirror it.

An extra thought…

This is more set up, but it would work.

You could add a virtual EX to your showfile and assign your playbacks in a similar way to that of your S1/S3/L5s

You will still be physically controlling the show from those legacy consoles, but you could still have the nice new virtual display of the EX on screen.

Console snapshots will help you keep syncd up

Hello, Jack!
Thanks for the brilliant idea!
This is exactly what I need!

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