Vista EX with Screens


We are starting some long term planning and considering purchasing a second Vista console for one of our facilities. We currently own a S1 and it fits our needs perfectly, so I would expect to spec in the closest equivalent.

Is Vista/Chroma-Q planning to release a variant of the EX with screens for the playbacks or encoders? As a programmer, that’s not an optional feature in my book. There’s some level of detail that needs to be displayed on the control surface, and that’s the bare minimum in my book, especially when you can page between things on the same controls. Somewhat disappointed the initial release of what appears to be the S1 successor does not come equipped with them, seems like a poor design/UI choice.

Anyway, curious to know if something is in the pipeline, as otherwise we’ll probably be looking for another S1 on the used market. Appreciate any feedback from the Vista team.

I thought the same thing to begin with, but with the ability to throw on screen the virtual console display as a dockable screen its an amazing console. You’re basically getting an S3, minus a few ports for less than a price of the S1.


Same as above

in my opinion …

The virtual on screen EX (MV and M1s too) gives you allot more info than an LCD ever could,first of all its in full colour and also has animated graphics like progress bars etc

and you get a readout of whats on your encoders like your gobo wheel or colour wheel with helpful onscreen representation of them !

it also has the advantage of being re sizable and dock-able anywhere you want, plus in future updates it can be added to and improved etc something that the LCD displays would be limited by,

you can also use snapshots to hide or resize the virtual console when not in use ! so it wont take up screen space if not needed !

the LCDs displays in the S1 also made it very expensive the EX is a lot cheaper and you get even more hands on control than an S3 with clickable encoders etc !

pretty much every other manufacturer has a PC wing like this with no screens to keep costs down and to keep it competitive,

i dont think Chroma Q will stop at a wing i would assume that bigger consoles are to come the MV and EX are the PC wing level, it would make sense that they will expand on this

to put it in perspective i can merge my busking showfile that takes up an S1 and 2 M1s and fit it all onto the EX :slight_smile: its pretty neat just need to get used to it

this is just my opinion after using the EX but hopefully it provides a little insight in to how it can be used effectively :slight_smile:

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As mundane as it seems, adding screens to a USB wing is tremendously complicated (and expensive). In order to keep the price point in a range that people would like to pay the EX is designed to be a entry level console. As other have said, once you pair it up to a proper monitor and use the dockable LCD view you get much more info than the old S3 and S1 screens ever had.

While the EX will never have a screen version this does not spell the end of screens on the the consoles overall. I can assure you that in the next round of full size consoles there will be screens for the playback banks again.


@ben.coleman Is there a timeline for when we will see the next round of consoles? The EX and MV seem great, but I’m waiting to see what else will be available :slight_smile:

Can’t give a timeframe for that right now. It is pretty safe to say that you have some time before anything is released so don’t hold off on a purchase just to see what is next.

Two and half years later, is there any insight on upcoming hardware (full size or otherwise)?

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