Virtual Console "Scroll to Last Page"?

I have almost 200 pages on my console in one show file, and adding a new one sometimes requires a lot of clicks.

Would be nice to be able to click a modifier and one of the ‘page-up’ or ‘page-down’ keys on the console to scroll to the end or scroll to the start of your pages.

You can build this in yourself now,

Next time you go to add a new console page make a console layout snapshot and call it ‘last page’ now you can use it to jump to your last page and if you make another one just update it (yellow modifier and tap it)

But your page navigation idea is good !

My feature suggestion would be to type a number on your keyboard and then tap the console page up arrow and it takes you to that page for that fader bank if you hit the down arrow it takes all fader banks to that page if possible

If you want to jump to the latest page i suggest typing 00 and hitting an up button to take you to the highest current page for that fader bank or down arrow for all fader banks