Need Page Notification

I would like to request a new feature in Vista. I have a need to setup multiple pages on an M1. Pages greatly extends the ability to access many cuelists with a touch of a button. It is very useful to access multiple pages but it is easy to loose track of what page you are on. Only when you are on the Console screen can you view the page number.

What about having a popup display on the other screens which shows the new page number whenever you press page up or page down? As an alternative what about being able to switch on a view that displays a line with the page number? Or what about having a quick picker with pages. It would also be helpful to be able to name the pages.


On the console screen click the top left hamburger icon on your M1 you will find an option to give you a dockable screen for your M1 that can be placed in any view

Thank you Robert for your reply. It was useful to know that you can undock an M1 and put it on any screen but it was not quite what I was hoping for. Even if you reduce it to its smallest size, it is still rather large. It is even worse if you have a larger panel like the EX. It tends to get in the way and if you try move it off screen it can get lost. After I lost it I could not find a way to get it back.

Overall it is an improvement from version 2 but in my opinion it still needs more work.

What Robert is saying is that you can select “LCD View” in the hamburger menu and it will create just the LCD portion of the M1 that you can dock on your screen.

With that being said, the other option is that you can use Snapshots to change you console pages. These Snapshots can be in your quickpicker and then you can punch through them as needed.

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