Using FX Size fader adjustment for color change

So my end goal is to be able to control the amount of white is shown through my lights, (basically desaturating the programmed color, to enhance brightness when needed) and what I landed on was using a fader with FX size applied to it.
When I create a custom FX template, i used color mix, and changed values to white, but it’s not working the way I want.

Does anyone have an idea about how to do this? The main thing is I’d like it to be on a fader so it’s easy to adjust.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Jordan,

to put Colour satiation on a fader, simply make a new cue, select the fixtures you want this to affect and set them to white,

give the cue a time of zero,

next go to cue list properties and set the list to:

Priority = Programmer

Fader type = all features

Fader auto play = Auto play and release

Fader intensity mode = Submaster

Release time = 0

Close save and release the list

now just drag it to a sub - you can now manually fade to white on the fader from any live colour or colour in a cue list !

Thanks a bunch! Is there a resource besides Jand’s youtube videos for tutorials? I’ve had question in the past that I couldn’t find any literature on.

Oh my goodness, just found all your tutorial videos, I’m set!

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No problem! I hope they help

Let me know if you have any more questions I can do s video on