To be able to assign presets to a fixture profile

It would be a great feature to be able to assign fixture type presets to a fixture profile, which can be added into your user folder within your fixture library.

To be able to patch a fixture and have the ability to pick and choose previous CT/Colour presets etc will help in speeding up show file set up. I know we have the merge feature, but sometimes I do not have access to previous showfiles.


This would be amazing for TV/Film work where you often have a large selection of CCT fixture types

Would save alot of time calibrating Colour temperatures between them especially with + - green/magenta presets


One way we deal with this is putting the group name first in the preset & then you can sort by name… not sure that helps you. I agree that saving presets and importing them with patch makes a lot of sense

But how does it work? Does everyone have the same presets? Or do you want to assing the presets yourself?

Because of you assing them your self you have the same issue, if you don’t have your usb with “patch presets” with you at all time you still have an issue.

Not really different than having a basic show with you or am I missing something.

A good show template is what i’m looking at I think?

I really don’t mean this in any bad way. I’m just curious


Let me an explain :slight_smile:

In the film world I use a range of fixtures that have different DMX values to CCT ranges, so they are not the same. ( i wish this was the case my life would be alot easier). For countless shoots I have sat with the DOP/DIT and by myself making these precise CT presets with a colour meter. Most of my fixtures profiles I have presets created covering the whole ct range of about 50/60 presets per fixtures. Why do all that work again and again each?

This feature suggestion is to assign those presets to the fixture file making them permanently attached to that fixture. Making it a custom fixture profile in my library. Something I can put on my USB sticks and transfer to other vista consoles across sets, stages etc. So instead of having to store a hundreds of presets, they are located in the CT attribute window. It’s not the 90s why should I make a spreadsheet of this data when I can store it and easily access when I patch the fixture?

Having a ‘good show template’ is great for certain situations. Let’s say Day 1 of 6 month job I have created the perfect template showfile, I can guarantee by half way through the job I have multiple Show files spanning across stages all with different fixtures.

As I said the ‘template showfile’ is great certain situations until your on a hill at 2am in the rain and you hear on the radio that the gaffer wants to use a fixture from the back of the truck which isn’t part of the shooting package but you used it on a separate showfile 2 months ago. (In this example I have used the fixture previously)

When I patch said fixture from my usb stick or Custom library. I will have everything i need to hit the ground running. It’s more a time saving feature I May not have access to an old showfile to merge it in and I want to be prepared for everything potential request. It’s a feature that is perfect for things such as CT, mixed colours and Green/Magenta shifts. Why would I need to merge it when all the data I need is attached in the fixture profile. Obviously I could jump into the fixture editor and add them all, but that’s time consuming and rather dull. A function to take all presets created from a certain attribute and automatically embed them within the profile.