Custom fixture icons

So on much more regular basis i’m working with more and more (somewhat the same kind of) fixtures which are more or less the same but really different in use cases.

(So for example a led lustr profile and a led lustr par, they are both static with no digital zoom. But its the same with all different kind of movers)
In complex shows with many fixtures its difficult to differentiate between the fixtures because the icons are all the same.

It would be great if there was an option to give certain fixture profiles a different icon to differentiate better between what is what, but also to patch the same dimmers /generic led fixtures with different kind of icons. (Or manually create that fixture with a different icon would be fine to)
Or in my case i’d rather give certain fixture groups different icons instead of in the patch level but i think thats somewhat difficult to implement with multi section fixtures….

I think its somewhat alike to VST-3933 but not really sure.

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Aha, thanks for mentioning the VST number.

This is the same feature request. I have added your +1 to that request.

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