Swing effect highlight

Put like a time bar to highlight the swing effect cue so you dont get confused on what step is playing. I think putting a timer should also help to know the timing instead of guessing with the rate

@VistaSupport Any comments on this?

I don’t really follow your request if I am honest.

And what I do imagine you mean, I don’t think it would work. Even if we could put something in the FX editor, it would likely be meaningless? Depending on the overlap/stagger/sorts, not every fixture is at the same swing step at any one time.

Also, there shouldn’t really be any guess work with the rate. It’s rate in beats per minute, so you should be able to tap the tempo, or explicitly enter it, to get the desired look. Is there a particular look or effect that you struggle to create or control?

R4 will introduce the concept of an external master tempo/phase. There is scope for displaying the beats of each bar as a graphical bar/timer, but I don’t think that will answer this specific post.