"Spotlight Arc System"?

We are currently considering/evaluating visualizers to be used for our Vista3 programming offline. I have run across a demo setup which includes “Spotlight Arc System (16 bit 7 ch)”. This is apparently not a lamp, but an Automated Remote Control for other fixtures (I stumbled across a YouTube video which I think may be talking about it):

It seems you would need to patch some channels in Vista for the control and others for its fixture. Is it possible to define/handle such an arrangement in Vista3?

Maybe this is similar to “Motor Yoke 3 basic” (Lighting Innovation) which I’ve also seen?


Yes, this is something that would either require two separate fixture profiles or a custom profile that contain the yoke and the fixture that you were to add to the yoke.

@ben.coleman Just for fun I tried mapping 7 dimmers to one of the unknown fixtures and played with the values. The visualizer demo seems to act logically.
1=pan hi, 2=pan lo, 3=tilt hi, 4=tilt lo, 5=(no effect), 6=(no effect), 7=intensity
I suppose I could create a custom profile from that. Might try.

Update: Custom definition worked. (Fixture editor crashed on first try…)