I love how the fixture chooser gives a great overview of what is happening, and I believe it opens a great opportunity for a 3D visualizer. Vista has always led the way as far as having an excellent graphical interface and a component that competes with MagicVis included with Vista would be a worthy addition to the platform.

This is something that has been brought up for as long as Vista has existed. There is no interest in building our own as it would take away development resources from the application itself. Building in another visualizer is another tough one as there are so many options and our user base is quite diverse. No matter what we would pick there would be someone that didn’t like the choice.

With that being said, I won’t say it will never happen. There are always discussions about how to integrate a third party visualizer. However I would not hold my breath on that in the near term. Even integrating something prebuilt is a massive project, right now we have many other bigger fish to fry that bring better value to the application itself.