Specific effect desired

I am attempting to create a very specific effect but am unable to do so. I have three rows of moving fixtures, one on the floor oriented upwards, and two in the ceiling hanging downward. The desired effect would be,

Floor movers up, lamp on
Floor mover lamp off, 2nd truss movers up, lamp on
2nd truss lamp off, 3rd truss movers up, lamp on, lamp off

This would repeat to create an continued effect of light moving upward. This issue I am running into is having the fixtures in a mix orientation so the floor is alway coming down and not upwards. I am trying to do this with one effect and not multiple. Is there a way to achieve this look with out having to invert my fixtures in the patch.

Hi i have made a little Vid hopefully explaining how to do this ! hope it helps :slight_smile:

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