I want to do a "bass drop" effect

So the title might be confusing, but I’m wanting to set a group of fixtures to , upon hitting the flash button, start at full intensity, curve down to nothing, and then be done.

I’ve achieved most of it, and now that FX can be set to 1 iteration instead of infinite, it’s closer. but it lights back up, is my biggest issue.

Any ideas? And please let me know If I need to clarify.



Don’t know if this link will work…

This is the end result I’d like to achieve.

Do you want it to be just a single flash and decay?

Yeah, that’s correct. I didn’t even think of decay as a property until now.
As it works right now, it rides the sine wave back to the top, and then shuts off. I just want it to stay in the valley.

This should help ! any questions let me know !

Oh man, that’s awesome! Thanks a bunch Robert.

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No Problem any other FX or questions you have that i can make a video on let me know !

So I got to play with the effect finally today, thanks again! I do have another question if you don’t mind.

With the effect, fixtures jump to 100, then decay to 0. But if those fixtures are on, let’s say at 50, then they jump to 100, fade down to 0, then jump back to 50.

Is there a way to have the fixtures jump to 100, then fade down to 50, in this case? I’m sorry if I’m being picky, haha. Thanks again for all your help.

Set the priority of the “flash” cuelist to be the same as the base cuelist.

Turn HTP on within the base cuelist.