How to create a Circle FX

Hi All,

How do I make a simple circle position fx where the fixtures are moving together in a circle, I can’t seem to get them to follow each other and do a uniform circle on the stage floor. My fixtures (6) are on 2 separate bars above the stage, 1 is downstage and 1 bar is upstage with 3 fixtures on each. Any suggestions?

Focus them all to the same spot center stage first then create your wave effect, it will center around that point hopefully giving you what you want

If you want a specific path create a swing effect and add a few steps and have each step reference a point in the circle, set thease as presets first to make it easier to add them into steps

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the hasty reply, I have had a play around. The trouble I am facing is that my 4 fixtures I am trying to create the circle fx with are on the same bar in a line, so is there an easy way to reverse the position base of the 2 fixtures on the right hand side? I have created 4 position presets using a fixture on the left of the bar, but wasn’t sure if there was a shortcut to reverse the position info for the fixtures on the right hand side of the bar or do I just need to run 2 fx using position info for the left hand and right hand fixtures separately? Currently only the left side fixtures follow the correct path the right hand fixtures are off set too far to the right from the position presets I made? Hopefully that makes sense