Define source as step in FX


I would LOVE x10000000 the ability to have the option to choose the source of a swing FX step - Live - Cue list XX - Preset XX etc

EG - if i made a color effect that has 2 steps step 1 takes the colour sorce from Cuelist 1 step 2 takes the colour source from Cuelist 2 it means you can have one effect programmed and update the colour from your lists by changing the cues

OR - one step from Red Preset second step from LIVE now you can change your live colour but it will bump to Red

these Effects can be fired from cues so there is no FX data held in live so starting changing and stopping fx is easy

and opens up lots of new ways to crate lots of effects with very little effort !

another way to do this would be to have the ability to define an fx size per step !