Snapshots on Soft buttons

It would be nice and handy to be able to assign Snapshots to the Soft buttons.

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I think that if you have the possibility to have snapshots in the quickpicker window and as buttons on the desk, adding them as soft buttons is already unnecessary… especially with the quickpicker window you can put on the screen in a handy place

I’m using Snapshots mainly for Window Workspaces. I’m also currently using one screen, so screen real estate is at a premium for me.

Having to take up screen real estate for a quickpicker window just to be able to switch to a different window workspace is a waste of that screen space, in my opinion. I’d much rather use all of the screen space available to me for things that actually affect the lighting, not just the layout of my screen(s). Plus, if I want immediate (one-touch/click) access to my Snapshots, that means that I have to have the quickpicker taking up space on each and every Windows Workspace (again, wasting even more space that could instead be used for controls that actually affect the lighting).

The same follows with assigning them to executor buttons on a desk (if you have one) - you’re now taking up executor buttons with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual execution of the lighting. So that’s several buttons no longer available for things that do affect the lighting. And, again, if you want immediate (one-touch) access to the Snapshots (workspaces) then you have to have them on every page your using (again, taking up executor buttons on each page that would be better to be used for things that actually affect the lighting rather than just changing the layout of your screen).

If my Windows Workspaces could be assigned to the Soft buttons that would be great because they’d be immediately (one-touch/click) available at all times, no matter which Windows Workspace I was on or which executor page I was on. Making it always extremely rapid to switch from one workspace to another - either with the on-screen Soft buttons or the on-console Soft buttons. Plus I wouldn’t be using up screen real estate or executor buttons just to give me the ability to quickly switch views/workspaces on my screen (i.e. something that has nothing to do with and no affect on the lighting).

Several other console systems handle their workspaces (aka “views”) this way. They allow you to switch between “views” using their version of soft keys - or a “views” toolbar, or something similar - that is always available on the interface. As a result you don’t have to take up space on the “views” themselves, or waste an executor button, just to be able to switch between “views”. – I like that capability. But that’s just me and the way I like to work. I understand and respect that not everyone may have, or see, a need for that.

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Added to our enhancement database Joel #7510.

In the meantime, do you have a keyboard resting near your hands at anytime? I personally trigger workspaces very quickly though the command line. M1 Enter for workspace 1. M2 Enter for workspace 2 etc.

Give it a try.

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