Extra filter in quick picker

Hi all,

Is it possible to add two extra filters in the Quick Picker?
I really like to be able to filter only pan or tilt in a fast way.
that would be speeding up the process:)

currently you can only filter position as a whole

But i have a little work around

I also like to split Pan and Tilt separately - to speed up storing just pan or just tilt i make a new QP page Just for pan presets and then make a “dummy” preset with just pan info then i clear and recall that preset and save 20 or so dummy Pan presets with just a ‘P’ as the label so i know its blank

then as im programming no matter what im doing if i want to save a new Pan position i can just update one of those dummy presets and it will only save pan !

same works for tilt or any other custom combination of features