Active Presets


I would be great to have a new type of preset that can be used to quickly update itself with new information when used as a reference preset in an effect


if i have a colour swing effect with 2 steps,
the first step if referencing (FX preset 1)
the second step is referencing (FX preset 2)

in a new Quick picker for “Active Presets” i can now select either (FX preset 1) or (FX preset 2) like a group,
so i click on it and it becomes “active” now when i touch any normal colour preset while i have my “active Preset” selected it updates it with that colour and in turn any of my FX that are using it as a reference - ideally over live time !

this means you can change any step in any effect with one touch ! - Fantastic for busking but also for updating touring files !

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+1 very useful!

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