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I have been using Vista for several years and I am still waiting for Macro Recorder with time. Record the sequence of cuelists buttons, command line and softkeys it would greatly simplify and speed up the work…especially in the case of recording the sequence of cuelist buttons - it would allow to build a complicated show working in time, without the need to build (and possibly correct) long cuelists for SMPTE at now with “time learn”… Of course, if such a macros could be triggered by SMPTE it would be a revelation. What do you think about it?



There’s a feature Called “TIME LEARNING” and If I am not wrong It does almost the same thing that you are explaining. Have you used it ?

Time learning is to set the time of individual cues within one cuelist - macro recorder would give the opportunity to save the pressed buttons of different cuelists… It’s not the same …

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Ok… I misunderstood, It would be great to have The macro Recorder.

Your +1s have been noted to a enhancement log. #6763

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I’d Also would absolutely love to see this.