Screen replacements

So on the EX, How do i know what the encoders are doing? Are they on Intensity, Color, Gobo? and then say in color are they CMY RGB HSV?

Also is there any plans to make say a small Dockable window with what is on the faders. I don’t need the whole virtual console but just the screens would be helpful in setups where you only have limited screen real estate.

If you go to your console view, and hit the “hamberger” icon or right click the EX you will get the option to have a dockable version of the EX this will give you all the encoder and playback info with just the screens no faders and it’s resizable to !

Thanks. that was kinda what i was looking for. I don’t have an EX yet. but i see the option in the virtual console . the hamburger in Right side doesn’t appear to do anything on virtual console (guessing it works on actual hardward)… but the one on the left has the virtual console display in it… Which will work for what i need.

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