Replacing the wacom screen for a touchscreen

Is it possible to install a touchscreen?
and which screen should be the best?

Hi Teus,

Any touchscreen is compatible, as long as your computer supports it.

It’s really up to you. If you are planning on using it as your main screen I would personally recommend 21 to 24 inch.

A lot of Vista users are currently using the Dell screen. (Myself included)

The Dell has good touch response and has a matt, none slippery, screen. It also has a large tilt and up/down movement range, in addition to 4 USB ports for showfiles and that sort of thing.

Other users may be able to suggest alternatives.

If you are inquiring about replacing the tablet with another screen in the same physical opening then that is probably not going to be possible. The Wacom screen had a custom layer of glass fitted to it so it would have a smooth transition on the top of the console. Any type of replacement would most likely require extensive metal work on the front panel if it was even possible.

Thanks a lot Ben,

I will work on the L5 a few hours to see if I can get used to the pen before I buy the console😊

Thanks Jack,

this will be a good option for my S1…