L5 screens brightness

I recently purchased a used L5 console. I have it running the latest Vista 3 release and it runs well. The Wacom tablet screen and the Blue/White LCD screens are extremely dim. I have to turn my house lights down to 30% to be able to comfortably read them in order to program. Is there a setting I haven’t been able to find to turn the backlights up or do I need to look into replacement LCDs or backlight units as well as the Wacom tablet?

There are no Wacom control settings from within the application.
There is also no known issues of Wacom backlights failing. The Wacom screen itself is no longer available from Wacom.
The Wacom screen controls are however in the front flap. I would recomend pressing those menu buttons and seeing if you can adjust any brightness /contrast there, as you would any other monitor.

You can adjust playback blue LCD contrast by right clicking them in the virtual console view.
You might need to look into replacement backlights of these. I believe they can be retrofitted.