Replacement video card or screen on L5

Our display on the L5 is starting to flake out. It gets jittery/blurry and blinks off at times. We’ve also seen it flip where the bottom is OK and the top half is split in two, with the left half of the screen on the right and vice versa… very strange! So I’m not sure if it is a graphics card or the display. We plugged another computer into the display and it seemed fine, but sometimes it is “fine” on the L5 as well. Has anyone here replaced an L5 display before? Advice? We see it is a Wacom DTU-2231A part but I’ve heard that Jands no longer sells them, AC Lighting doesn’t have them, and the one Jands used has some kind of “custom glass” on it and I’m not sure what that means. So before I rip the whole thing apart to get to the display, anyone else who knows may be able to save me some headache time.

Also any advice on a replacement video card that is compatible? Low form factor, same outputs and placement of ports to fit the back frame, etc… We are on Windows now, so drivers shouldn’t be an issue.

My next troubleshooting step will probably be to run a DVI cable out of the tablet and console and into the on-board graphics output on the motherboard on the back side of the console. I can only guess they included the discreet graphics card to keep the connector to the Wacom internal with that weird pinout to VGA adapter that runs into the DVI (DVI-A? rare!) and maybe they needed more power than the on-board could give? I guess we’ll find out… I’ll post back if I figure it out, but anyone who can chime in with something helpful, feel free. Thanks!