Remove fixture programming from a que

Hello, I have several que lists and one of the fixtures is being modified by a que list when I don’t want it too. I have a que that sets to position, color and intensity of the fixture. Another que list, when activated, overrides the other que list programming.

How do I completely remove the programming for a fixture from a que or quelist?


HI Dave.

If its one or two cues within a list.:

Edit the cuelist
Switch to the timeline view and select/delete the events you no longer require.
Close and save the cuelist.

If it’s all cues within a cuelist there is a nice handy tool for this.
Edit the cuelist.
select the fixture(s)
press the “tools” menu dropdown and press “remove selected”. You can then select your desire features that you would like to delete.


Thank you!! That worked perfectly!!!


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