Preset lock

I work in a church environment where we have a lot of untrained people using the desk. It would be great if we could lock presets so they don’t get updated by accident. Thanks

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Why dont you just lock the console from editing? You can still playback but cant edit.

I can’t lock the whole console from editing because they would still need to be able to edit cue lists.

Our volunteers do know how to edit cue lists and edit presets. But often times they update a preset instead of updating a cue.

I believe this is due to the way the Update Dialog window functions. It defaults to updating both presets and cuelists. If you are not careful you may accidentally update the wrong on.

I doubt we will ever implement a preset only lock function. It wouldn’t actually solve your root problem anyway.

If your volunteers can be trusted to edit/update presets and cues I would expect that they could learn to take note and pay attention to which components they are updating.

I guess the real discussion is - is there a demand for a user preference for an “update destination default” - cuelist, presets, or both.

Jack, I don’t disagree at all. At many of the churches I work with that they will demand a sound guy with experience but put someone with zero experience at the lighting position. This is not true for all churches, but it is for several I work with lighting is a second class tech.

This is 100% training. I had 10 years experience on hog II/3, MA 1, and ETC desks before the Vista and I over looked this update destination several times in the beginning. I understand what it is doing. I think for my style I would love it to default to cuelist or preset depending on what phase of programing I am in. I definitely don’t want it to default to “Both” ever. That is just my two cents.

BTW, this functionality already kind of exists with groups. You can exclude a group from “store/update”. Could we just do the same thing for presets? It would take forever to update the setting on each one. So maybe a global hide from store/update. Or per preset category?

With V3 there is a work around with merging show files. I just have to remerge the presets every week to keep them looking the same from week to week. now I just need to get updated to V3.

I have logged your +1 against VST1790.

This is a request that the update dialogue should simply remember the last options that you used. So therefore if you always use “cuelists”, then this is what will happen every time by default. If you use presets it will default to this, until you switch back to lists…and so on.

This is actually a better idea than implementing more menu options /user preferences. The less of those the better.