Extract to preset

hi all,
i saved some position from a moving fx cue to extract, and this is working fine, but my final intent was to save a position from fx on extract and then save it as a position preset, in this way i can save different nice position preset in fast sequence.
This is not working, when i apply the extract my moving heads take the position i saved from the fx but when i try to create a preset it seems v3 can’t load the pan and tilt parameters i can see in the fixture output view into the save preset window.
I tried also to save directly a preset while i stop the fx but same story, it won’t load in the save preset window the pan and tilt parameters i have in my fixture output view.
Maybe i’m doing something wrong?

i know what i wrote here can result a bit confusing so i made a short video, here:

Edit: testing further i noticed that both snapshot and extract doesn’t save only the pan and tilt values but they save all the fx, so the question become: is there a way to save the output pan and tilt value and not all the fx?

This is not currently possible as the store (new cuelist or preset) captures the embedded info including all fx, rather than the dmx output. I’ve certainly seem some ‘hacks’ on other consoles where people have created interesting position presets just by pausing an effect in one position with a nice blocking/repeat setting, but it’s not something that’s been asked from Vista users in the past and therefore is not currently possible or in the works.

As a vista user, Id like to see this.