Old Jands Dongle w/ Vista 3

Are older dongles like below compatible with Vista 3? Seems it was pulled from an old console we used to use. Vista 3 doesn’t seem to see it, but I didn’t know if a specific driver was required.


As far as I am aware. Vista USB dongles should just work, including the very first generation, as you have here. There are no specific drivers that are required, they should already be packaged with the installation. Have you tried it with Vista 2 on a PC?

How sure are you that:

  1. That is actually a Jands Vista dongle? (The serial number looks suspicious to me, but we are talking about a 20 year old version at this stage).
  2. That it is functional?

I am not entirely sure that is a Vista dongle, even a first generation version. Here is an old Jands technote showing the different versions of USB dongles.

Tbjlt194_GENERAL_Vista Dongles.pdf (521.3 KB)

Interesting, considering the sticky note I found with it said “Vista 2 universe”. Which makes sense considering it says “1024”. If it’s not a vista dongle I’m very curious as to what it is. And why it was in my desk drawer haha.

A bigger clue is that there wouldn’t have ever been only a 2 universe dongle in a T console. They would have been either 8 or 16u.

I wonder if it is a dongle for a visualizer. Doesn’t look like one from WYSIWYG or Vision but maybe Capture.

The serial number also isnt a notation that Jands would have used.
To the best of my knowledge, all Jands 1024 dongles started with a X.

All Jands serial numbers also only ever used one letter at the start, followed by a number string.

Thinking about it some more, I’m almost certain to suggest that that is not a Vista dongle. Especially noting the physical difference that Ben referenced on the very original dongles.