Morph Lights Function

I would like a function where i can like upload a file from a showfile that has the correct patch and numbers and where i can upload it into another vista showfile and have it not delete any cues but just morph the lights with the new file uploaded.

You can make a file called “template” and make it “read only”.

Begin a new show by opening the “template” and renaming it for the new show.

This preserves your patch and basic cues while making the start of a new show faster and consistent.


“merge” could also provide this functionality, if the universes are free in the already existing showfile.

wouldnt this effect my cues?

No it will not :slight_smile:

The fixtures will just be added.

Oh thats perfect ill try it out later and update you guys on how it goes!

the issue with this is that the lights in my rig has pixel control and when i morph them its either 1 pixel is lit up of none, so this function does not help me with morphing

I sometimes have this, especially with fx. Save the show and then load it and it works

Ok Thanks ill try when i get back to the rig.