Multi part fixtures like tambora batten pixels engine

Hi !

I have a question - I want to make a patch tambora batten standard rgbw (13ch) + pixels (48ch). There is a two-part fixture. When I drag it to the window below the addresses, I see two devices, but when I drag it to the selected address, I only have one device (part 1) 13ch - part 2 disappears forever.

Am I doing something wrong or is it some kind of mistake??

I’d ditch the multi patch part idea. It’s easier to patch as separate fixtures.
For example:
TamboraBatten Shape RGBW 16bit.v3f (6.7 KB)
TamboraBatten RGBW Pixel Engine.v3f (3.5 KB)

That’s what I did - creating new devices myself. The factory ones are two-part and something in the software doesn’t work properly

By the way - my pixels engine for RGB
tambora rgb pixels (48ch).v3f (3.1 KB)