Anyone having success with the “Merge” function?

We are running Vista 3 v19088 on our L5 console and are trying to use the Merge function to bring in a cuelist from a different showfile. From the drop down menu I am able to select the showfile I want to pull the cuelist from. I then open the “Cuelist” drop down menu and select the cuelist I want. Once the console tested after the merge action, the new cuelist shows up and shows all the cue tiles, but there is no data in the cues. I play through the cuelist but nothing happens. When I open the timeline there is no information/ instructions in any of the cues. Am I missing a checkbox to import the actual cue information with the cuelist?

If you merge in a cuelist into a showfile that doesnt contain fixtures that were already a part of the previous showfile the cuelist will be empty (because the fixtures that were originally in it are not present).

Sometimes it is desirable to import an empty cuelist, with just the cues, names and timings. For example, often a lighting designer may want to completely relight a song hes already programmed the structure to on a previous tour.

All you need to do is select some fixtures to import with your cuelist, and the cuelist will be populated with the programmed events.

Thanks for the information on the merge function. That makes sense and I was able to get it to work properly.