Migrating to a new computer

Where can I find info on migrating everything to a new mac computer? I am using V3

Not sure that there are any official technical bulletins for migrating to a new computer, but I can tell you what I would do.

First things first: backup, backup, backup! Take a flash drive (or two) and back up a copy of all of your showfiles and anything custom you have created. So if you have created any custom fixture profiles or themes, copy them to that thumbdrive (or two). (Backing up showfiles and data is good practice anyway and should be done regularly.)

Next, ensure that your new Mac is ready. So if it’s a new machine, go ahead and unbox/set it up like a normal machine, install Chrome or any other apps you may need, set up your users and profiles, etc. Now you’re ready to install Vista. Open vistabychromaq.com on the new computer and log in. Then download the Vista 3 Installer for the most recent version of vista, which should be Vista 3 R3. Follow the steps to install Vista, including setting up the user data folder.

Now that Vista is installed, copy your showfiles & any other data to the new vista data folder on the new computer (labeled “Vista 3”, typically located in your Documents folder). Then launch Vista and open your old showfile. Ensure that all aspects of your showfile have migrated properly, including fixtures, groups, layouts, cuelists, images, etc. Next, depending on your configuration, you may need to make sure that any ArtNet or sACN outputs are set up properly.

Lastly, you’ll need to connect your console to the new computer (if you have a console) and make sure everything is working properly and that it is detected. And if you have any issues, feel free to post here and we can help out!

I’ve worked with Vista for years and that’s what I would do personally. Hope that helps!

Thanks Drew! That helps a whole bunch.