Changing Computers

I just bought a new mini-Mac and want to move all my existing show files from the old machine to the new one. Simply copying them doesn’t work even though I loaded the same version of Vista on both machines. Any suggestions?

Are you running V2 or V3 ?

V3 latest version

Try Opening a new empty show then go to file and merge In the data from your copied show files

Can you give a little more detail? I’ve had no issue transferring files among multiple computers regardless of version. Are you not seeing anything in the Open window, or is it failing to open the show when you find it? If you don’t copy your Vista 3 folder to the exact location of when the software was installed, it won’t see it. You can delete the original one (usually in Documents I believe) and put the other one in its place, or just leave it and it’ll ask where you want it when you next open the software.