L5 MSC, RS232

I’m a big fan of any sort of automation with Vista)
Having some issues with MSC and RS-232.

  1. Can’t receive any commands via COM port PC -> USB COM -> L5. I tried to ping COM ports with special software on both devices to test link with no luck. Actually L5 motherboard have 10 COM ports. What COM is used by Vista? (I trued to select all ports with no success, may be there are some special setup in L5 BIOS?)
  2. Besides L5 I also own S3. No any issues with using MSC with S3. On L5 does not work. I use USB -> MIDI cable with direct connection with consoles. But! If I try to use MIDI to LAN (rtpMidi) software MSC on L5 works!
  3. MIDI notes. Everything work in L5 in this scenario of automation. (midi cable or midi over LAN emulation mode).

Thank you!
Vista V3 R2 build 19525
MSC software: ShowCockpit, Cue Lab

RS 232 is not working due to cheap usb -> com adapter
Question about MSC on L5 still very important for me.

just booted from stock disk with Vista 2.3 (Linux). Same issue. Midi notes = yes, MSC = no((

How are you feeding MSC into the desk? I haven’t tested MSC on Vista 2 in quite a while so I can’t remember if there was anything tricky about it. The fact that you are getting Midi Notes tells me that the Midi functionality is working in general. Attached is a technote on MSC commands that may be of help.

Tbjlt196_GENERAL_MSC Commands.pdf (365.0 KB)

I use USB MIDI cable.
as I wrote in the first post, S3 work with MSC fine with this config. L5 not.

Ok, so in Vista 2 and Linux on the L5 you should not be able to use a USB to Midi adapter at all. You would need to use the inbuilt Midi port because Linux does not have any additional drivers.

Vista 3 and Windows is much more open to allowing external USB to Midi adapters. There isn’t anything in the BIOS that would stop that from working. Have you used the same USB to MIDI adapter on both the L5 and the S3? What is the type of host computer you are using for the S3?

I use usb (usb connector) to MIDI (5-DIN MIDI connector). So, it is a “hardware” MIDI setup, which work with inbuild ports of my Vista consoles (S3, L5). Something like this:

Once again, in the most convenient form, I will list all my actions (Vista 3, Windows 10 on both hardware):

Scenario 1. Using usb-midi adapter.
direct to inbuild MIDI port S3 : MIDI notes = yes, MSC = yes, MTC = yes
direct to inbuild MIDI port L5 : MIDI notes = yes, MSC = NO, MTC = yes

Scenario 2. Using rtpMIDI software, which share my MIDI connection between 2 PC through LAN network:
ethernet adapter host PC -> S3 : MIDI notes = yes, MSC = yes, MTC = yes
ethernet adapter L5 : MIDI notes = yes, MSC = YES, MTC = yes

I understand that this is a bug that is hard enough to detect in software. However, it is important for me to use the built-in MIDI ports primarily because of stability, and I use network connections for other purposes.

My host for S3 is Asus All-In-One PC

Thank you.

I can shoot a video with my actions if you still have questions.

Thanks for clarifying the setup, while now I understand your signal flow I don’t have any other thoughts on why only MSC would not work on the L5. Unfortunately I don’t have access to an L5 at this time so any testing I did on my own devices and consoles would not be of much help.

I’ll pass it around and see if anyone else has any other thoughts.

Out of curiosity, the Midi Show Control in the Tools menu is enabled correct?

I assume it is since you have MSC over the network Midi device.

Yes. This is the first thing I checked.