Lock Scroll Toggle Button

Can there be a button to lock zoom on the fixture chooser? Similar to the lock button that disables rearranging the fixtures.

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I would suggest we would probably be against adding another button. Less is more.

Could we lock zoom as part of the current “lock” functionality - probably.

The main question would be figuring out how many other users it upsets / pleases.

I have added your suggestion as VST-5337, so if anyone else thinks this is a good idea feel free to +1.


I understand the less is more approach but I’m not sure how much of an issue adding one more button next to the zoom buttons would be.

I do like the idea of making it part of the current lock functionality. My suggestion would be to add it to user preferences as an optional feature that is disabled by default. That way, the default is that the behavior is the exact same as before. Then if a particular user wanted to enable that feature they could.

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We have an L5 that, sometimes with the pen, likes to scroll up super high when selecting in the fixture editor. It’s pretty annoying.