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Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to set the “flash” feature on the virtual console to only flash to a certain intensity, ex 40%. I saw this video, but this would override the current cue list. To be more specific, the song “Graves into Gardens” has drum claps/guitar hits at the bridge. If you don’t know the song, here is the link to the specific spot I’m talking about. At the setup in the worship room, we have string lights set up and if I could manually flash those (I know there is a way to do it automatically but I am never able to get it right on the beat. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The answer should be something like:
Intensity swing effect - snap start

If you want all of your string lights to flash together:
Enter or tap the BPM
Stagger 0 %
FX rate per cycle

I think this will still look wrong though as you will have flash on one clap and flash off on the next clap. If you want the flash on to be on each clap, set the beats of the swing to be 0.5

If you wanted the string lights to flash odd/even (or anything else other than all together).
FX Rate = per fixture
Stagger = 50%
Overlap = 100%
Repeat = 2 (or whatever you want)

At this point you could also return your beats of the swing step to 1 each. This will still look correct as the audience would now still see lights coming on on each clap.

The clap section is quite long though. Three things will likely have to happen to have perfectly in sync flashes throughout the entire section (otherwise the flashes will probably start to drift out of sync)

  1. Your BPM in Vista has to be perfect.
  2. The band have to play perfectly in time.
  3. You have to trigger the effect at the perfect moment.

Sometimes doing a finger workout and manually flashing buttons is still the best option.

Our band uses a click track to which I have been given access in the booth. I use it to manually synchronize lighting cues. Although the drum break doesn’t have a click track cue, the timing of the break is accurate, so I use a follow cue to activate its start and end. When I tried to do it manually, I could never get the start time perfectly.

Sorry, it wasn’t Graves Into Gardens; it was another song. But the principle is the same and I use it for builds or breakdowns and other effects that don’t happen exactly when the track cue says Bridge, Verse, Chorus, Instrumantal, etc. Since we don’t use midi or other sophisticated methods, I have sometimes used Follow cues to time several cue changes automatically.

If you create a cuelist with the lights you want at 40% in a cue then the flash button will only flash them to 40%. You could even do 2 cues, one snap on the other auto follow with a fade and auto release and using the play button you’ll get a nice snap and fade on it

…Which can now also be achieved as a single “flash” cue, using the flash “attack”, “dwell” and “decay” times within the cuelist properties.

Oh yeah
Maybe from this topic a request to add a flash percentage in there would be a quick way of flashing say a group to 40% not full

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