Drag & Drop stops working

I’ve had an issue for some time, and I’m wondering if I can gain some insight into what’s causing it.

My production computer with an S1 attached (Vista V3 R2) has an issue where after using the fixture picker window, will no longer allow me to ‘drag & drop’ anything. I can’t assign a button/fader on any console, I can’t drag & drop to patch, I can’t drag & drop to copy cuelists/groups/snapshots to different pages, nothing.

Only after restarting Vista, then immediately doing my drag & drop operation, will it work as expected (allowing me to drag/drop perfectly) - until I work in the fixture chooser, which then it will revert to not working again.

My main layout I’m using DOES use a background image (several of my layouts on this file do).

It does not happen to any other computer - although to be fair, I haven’t tried it on another computer with the console attached.

The computer I’m experiencing this problem with is a Windows 10 computer with V3 R2 installed. It’s NOT using console mode.

It feels to me like it’s a graphics issue - which is why I bring up the background image being used. Although I could be wrong.

Any ideas or anyone else experiencing a simliar issue?

HI Chris,
No, we have no other reports of this sort of thing.

Can you submit a support request with a copy of your showfile and a video of the problem?

Also export the log files (help> export logs) and send those to us too.
If you can add a message to the log when the issue happens that would be useful.

My first thought was that you have “disable all editing” active.