Cue only editing


I want to work on no tracking with vista. i push on the menu tool in cue only editing.
But when i record a cue in the next step the channel is perpetuated…
Ex: cue 1
1thru 10 @full, in the next step the value stay…
Its possible to change that?

Vista honestly works best when in tracking mode (which is the default), and using tools such as “cue only editing”, “blocking” and “untrack” to efficiently managed programmed events.

Cue only editing is exactly that - an edditng tool. IE the following cues need to be created in advance of the event/programming changes. You could work like this:
Start a new cuelist in the editor.
Add X empty cues
Turn on cue only editing
Program 1 thru 10 at full in cue 1.
You will now see that these have been auto released in cue 2.

If you wanted to test another method:
Create a cuelist
Right click a cue tile and press “cuelist properties”
Go to the “blocking / tracking tab”
Tick “non-tracking”
Go to the “defaults tab”
Press save as defaults

all new cues will now be “non-tracking”.
This might provide the solution you are looking for.


For the first method, its ok, its work, thank you
But i dont have in the cuelist properties, blocking/tracking tab…for the other method


I’ ve found. In cue properties. Its work very well

Thanks a lot!
Have a nice day

Yes, that was my mistake. I meant “cue properties” :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you found it :slight_smile: