Create a wave effect using all the new colors


It would be great to be able to create a wave effect using all the new colors the engine supports like White and Amber.


A colourmix wave FX will automatically use all colors available within the fixture.

If you want to fade to a specific color, like white or amber, this is what a colourmix swing FX is for.


Sorry but unfortunately that’s not true. I have RGBAWUV fixtures and when I add a wave effect it only gives me the RGB effect options.


I think there is some misunderstanding here.

What Wave FX are you applying? What are you seeing? What do you expect to see / happen?
Although a better question is, what is the end result you want to achieve?

On your fixtures if you select Colourmix wave, Vista will show you this:

You wont see options to adjust amber, whites, UVs here. This is just an overall colour spectrum adjustment thinking in terms of RGB/CMY.

My original comment is correct though, Vista will automatically use its understanding of colour to alter your amber, white and UV channels based on the effect you are creating here. If you apply the default colourmix wave and look at the DMX output of your fixtures you will notice that the A,W and UV channels are changing as appropriate. Like I said though, if you describe the end result you would like to acheive I might be able to offer some more suggestions.

Have you had a go at using colourmix swing FX ? You will have complete control of how much amber, white and UV you want to use here.


Sorry I think my wording may have been a little rude. My understand of the color wave effect is that you can make a wave in your red DMX channel, green dmx channel, and in your blue dmx channel. You can then edit that by changing the wave form in various ways. What I was originally saying was I wish you could make a wave on my amber dmx channel, white dmx channel, and UV dmx channel. Which other consoles this is possible. I’d love to be able to make a white and amber wave effect. I understand how a swing effect works but it would be nice if we could modify those channels with a wave effect.

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If Jands allowed double patching I would just create a single dimmer for my Amber, white and uv channels but it doesn’t allow for that work around either.

Christopher Claud | Technical Production Director

Good Shepherd Church

13110 Moss Road, Charlotte, NC 28273



It’s posible to use a “SWING colormix effect” in which you can control any color available in your fixture either UV OR Amber.


Swing effects mean you have to know exactly what you want your steps to look like. I rather just be able to use a wave and adjust it to my liking which is a lot easier with a wave.