Copy and Paste Fixture parameters not working correctly

I often copy and paste fixture elements from one cue to another on the same fixtures. But the only way that I have been able to successfully copy and paste parameters is by selecting the “by ID” selection order option and have the cue live. If I have sort by selection order on, I can copy fine, but when pasting, the fixtures are all out of order and seem to have taken the selection order when copying, then it uses the fixture ID order when pasting, so the parameters are all out of order… very annoying. Also, if I use quick view to go back to some other cues and copy some fixtures, it is completely random what parameters I will get when pasting to a different cue. I have some screenshots below:

Here I am copying live fixtures using sort by selection:

Here is that same copy pasted in the same cue (doesn’t matter if it is the same cue or a different cue):
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The other issue is a little more difficult to reproduce, It seems like it gets confused when you have many changes through cues in a cuelist, so this is one of our shows that I am working on now, copying by ID:
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Pasting to a different cue…
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Please let me know if you need more info! (or how I can get you those other photos) Thank you!