Command Line Hardware Keypad

Also I have put the project on hold due to some weird software bug that I honestly now have time to work on :joy:. I will work on posting a github link with instructions on this forum sometime in the next week or so

As of right now there is no way to externally control faders or encoders. This is something high on the enhancement list however it is also a MASSIVE task on the backend. We don’t want to just tack something on to do this, we want to do it right and open it up to all kinds of external control options. As of right now the only external Midi control options are for playing back cuelists with Midi notes or Midi Show Control. Beyond that you can use Midi Timecode and SMPTE Time Code for full tracking.

The only time you would need a license dongle on a networks system is if that additional system was also to be used as a backup device. In order for the networked Vista instance to backup and take control of the entire rig it would need a dongle of at least half the channel count of the main dongle.