CITP Thumbnails and MBOX

How do I get the media server thumbnails to import from MBOX by PRG?

PRG quotes this on their website - Mbox supports the CITP (MSEX 1.0 & 1.1) protocol for output of both content thumbnails and streaming. Mbox outputs a stream for each output and layer. CITP has been tested with PRG Vx76, MA Lighting MA2 consoles and MA3D visualizer, HES Hog4, CAST WYSIWYG, Capture Polar, ChamSys MagicQ. Please note that due to the complexity of CITP, not all features may be available “out of the box” with some products that support CITP. We often have to work with the product developers to ensure full compatibility.

And I’ve read this post from Jack - How to work with media server thumbnails when the server does not support CITP But I can’t seem to figure out how to get mbox to share that info with Vista.

Hi Steve,
What do you see in the “patch > import thumbnails” window?

I assume nothing? Have you tried disabling your Firewall settings to make sure that the incoming CITP layer is allowed into the Vista PC?

I should add, I know nothing about Mbox, but I have just tested it and it looks to be working with Vista:

Vista can see it as a CITP device an also download some thumbnail images.

So step 1 would be to import the thumbnails.
Step 2 is to assign the imported thumbnails to a media server layer. (Right click the library profile and press “use custom media”. Arkaos example below,)

I am also having issues with CITP, once i changed the msex setting in daemon to 1.0 i was able to import the thumbnails. I went to patch and clicked on the layer and selected use custom media and pointed it to the folder that was just downloaded. but when i go to texture on the layer base i just get a box that says value. no images… do I need to change something in the fixture editor?

Very possibly. What “fixture” are you using? I have just taken a look at a “3.9 layer” as an example.

What do PRG call what Vista would call “media folder” and “media file”?

To be able to see the CITP image in a Vista fixture the personality has to have both the media file and folder present. These are missing in the PRG fixtures from the looks of it. They can be easily added, you just need to know which channel to map to what.

If the PRG layer does not require “media folder” just add this to the Vista profile anyway but dont assign a DMX channel to it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Fixture is Mbox mini v4.0 layer base.
And the folder file structure is called: texture directory(folder) and texture(file).

So if I change texture directory to media folder and texture to media file then I should do it?

That worked a lot better I’m way closer but everything is off by 1. Seems like vista counts from 0 and Mbox counts from 1. Any easy way to shift all the media thumbnails?

So what you are saying is the MBox is wrong :wink: ?

The thumbnails, once imported, are stored in your Vista data location. For example: “Documents\Vista 3\Fixtures\Images\MediaServerThumbnails”.

I think that reordering them should be as simple as renumbering the images in this folder structure.
You might be able to Google a way to do this quickly. Before you do that though I would try simply deleting the 000 (first) image and see how it fills up the rest of the slots.

yes I had to do a little of both, i renamed the folders (easier to do in bulk with finder than file explorer) and i had to edit the fixture file to exclude the 0 value from DMX from the media folders but not the media file. vista automatically dropped in a no image thumbnail in the 0 position so those files were in the correct place.

(hopfully) last question on this topic. is there a way to link the old programming values to the new fixture? when i changed the fixture type all of the previously programmed data stayed with the fixture except the folder and media file info. I think this happened because the dmx channel changed from being a “Custom” value to a “gobo” value.

I am afraid you will need to reprogram your cues. You have changed from a none generic feature to a generic feature, in addition to changing class type.

thats what I figured, honestly would rather have the functionality with the thumbnails more than the previously programmed stuff. I should have just set it up right from the beginning. would it be worth updating the fixture file for future releases of vista so that it is already setup as a media fixture?

Yes, that should be possible. We just need to teach out importer that “texture directory” = “media folder” for example.

I will make a note of it.