CITP import fail, Akraos Media Master

I have imported my Media Master (arkaos) thumbnails successfully before, so I know it can be done, but I want to update the thumbnail library since we’ve added more media and am having trouble.

I first moved the thumbnail folder out of the Vista3 folder in Finder, so there are no existing thumbnails.

When I go to “import media server thumbnails” I can see ArKaos MediaMaster Pro as the media server. It’s reporting “Unconnected” in status, the proper IP address, and Port 4811.

When I click Import Thumbnails, the status says “connecting” for a while, then I get an error: “Citp Disconnected. Download completed with errors.”

There are no thumbnails imported.

Firewall is off. I’ve tried disabling other networks on the computer. Vista and ArKaos are connected fine via Artnet.

Thank you for any help!

Vista Version: Vista 3 R2 build 19525
Media Master version: 5.1.1
MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave

The “download completed with errors” message, isn’t necessarily something to be concerned about.
When doing this do you get any folder structure created in your Vista data folder?

Feel free to submit an official support request:

We prefer to answer these sorts of questions in official tickets. (We get notified of responses there… and so on) .