Using MagicVis with Vista 3

I’m trying to get MagicVis (Chamsys’ visualizer) to work with Vista. The MagicVis manual clearly states that the visualizer is compatible with any console that broadcasts ArtNet.

Here are the steps I’ve taken:

  • Creating the patch in MagicQ
  • Exporting the show
  • Importing the show into MagicVis

And in Vista:

  • Creating the patch
  • Attaching an ArtNet output to the universe

However, nothing’s happening when I adjust fixture intensities and whatnot. I’ve ensured that Vista is successfully outputting ArtNet.

If anybody has that working, it would be great to hear how you did it.
Thank you!

For me using Win 10 with a loopback adapter, it seems to be inconsistent.
Initially I started MagicVis and loaded
Then I defined a Vista show to have the same 48 dimmers. (And same network config of course.)
Intensity control seemed to work for a few minutes.
If I exit everything and start up the same way, it may work, often will not.
Behavior is the same on both desktop and laptop. Frustrating.

I actually figured it out; I had selected the wrong network adapter in the MagicVis configuration panel.
Thank you!

Does it work 100% for you? Are you using a physical console?

It works perfectly! I’m using the demo of the Vista 3 software. I’d recommend trying random network adapters in MagicVis; it looks like the selection box isn’t showing the right adapter name.
What do you mean about using a loopback adapter?

I just discovered something bizarre.
If I set Vista3:PC on network (a loopback interface) for example, and set MagicVis on ANY OTHER network ( or…), things work fine.
If I set MagicVis to the same network (10.10.x.x or 2.x.x.x) as Vista3:PC, nothing works.
A mystery for another day.

I’ve only run them on the same machine.

Would you be able to list out how you got those connected? Kind of a noob at this but would like to use a visualizer and Vista on the same machine. What do you mine by patch? Are you just patching the same fixtures to the same DMX addresses in MagicQ and Vista?

would be great if some simple instruction Im looking to try and use the visualiser with vista.

or does anyone have any help guides or come across this before?


I would suggest checking out our YouTube channel. We did a webinar on how to connect Vista and WYSIWYG which may help.

Not WYSIWYG it’s too expensive im just looking to learn and play with it for now. thanks

We use the WYG console demo in our webinars. Both the Vista and the WYG show files are available to download from the Vista website. WYG can be downloaded and used with the console demo show for free. Just another option if you want something prebuilt to play with.

can you please explain the specific steps you took to get this working. I am trying to do the same but i am very new to vista and magicQ and the Vis software.