Backup up console as a backup

Morning All
One of the things that bugs me is how the backup isn’t a true backup. It’s just another console.
I have 2 setups on tour with me (when I do tour!) Both have a laptop, with an s1 and 2x M1s

It always worries me that if something were to happen in a show there is no quick solution, when there easily could be. My ideal scenario would be having both set up at FOH in a network. What annoys me is that the backup consoles don’t follow the main. I need to update both s1s if I change anything for example, and make sure the snapshots include both desks which is adding a lot to the workflow. What would be great is to have the option to set the desks to be a backup and they auto follow

This could be done either in the tracking backup section where I could set a machine to be say “main”, “auxiliary” (where its a separate machine in the network) or “backup” where it is a full backup as described above

Or this could be done in the console window where I can set the virtual s1 to have 2 desks matching it. This would also have the advantage that if I don’t have space to set up all the desks and need to swap out an s1 or m1 midshow, I can just plug it in and off we go, and not need to either have it already set up as it’s own desk or have to do the really awkward “assign console”

Hope all the above makes sense


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Hi Steve,

Just to clarify, for other users who may be reading this forum post, Vista does use a true tracked backup, what you are referring to is playback assignments and management.

For the record, your point is valid. There are absolutely times when you will want a console to be a “mirror” and others when you want it to be an extension.

You’ve actually mentioned this is the past (the 8th of May 2019 to be precise).
It is logged in our system as VST4933

I will make sure it is brought up for discussion and development consideration when we define the next release.

If any other users also feel this is super important, feel free to +1. The more +1s a request has, the more it is considered.


Thanks for taking the time to write your feedback down. It really does help.

Thanks Jack, It really is the thing that scares me most going into a show is that there isn’t a quick way of keeping the show going if certain things break

Also with things just as midi inputs into both S1s or timecode. There’s a lot to do if a desk goes down