Auto correcting the preset when the basic one is corrected

Hello !

I have a question - there is an option in the menu “Always record absolutne values”

Does this option allow something like this: I create the first preset (or Home preset), e.g. with a position, and then I create another presets from this first preset. Now if I correct this first “base” preset with position, the remaining ones will be corrected automatically. If this option isn’t there, it might be worth adding it

No this option is possibly not what you are asking for.

For example:
You have 5 spots on the singer and create a preset called “singer”.
Next you put 2 of the 5 spots in the singer “preset”, then you put 2 other fixtures on the drummer and guitarist and create a 2nd preset called “band”.
In this example the “band” will contain a reference to “singer” for those two spots. Therefore if you later update preset 1 “singer” this will also update the “singer” position within preset 2.

With the user preference checked, you would not store the reference back to the singer preset within preset 2. You would store a hard value.

You may with to experiment with “transforms” and pan and tilt “offsets” within the patch screen. These adjustments WILL push to everything you have done, since it’s at patch level.

Thanks for the answer !
Today I tried Transforms/Offset - it helps, but it takes so long that it is quicker to correct all items normally than in the proposed way (and I am writing about large concerts with over 100 devices). If such a function could be implemented in future releases, it would be a huge help, or in a simpler version, add the pan/tilt offset function to custom encoders

Yeah i would also like that feature. But i think its kind of difficult to implement correctly because the plot of vista is 2D.

If you want to correct the positions adjustment according to for example “mid mid stage point” you would also need a hight marker on each fixture and it should be scale to the depth/with position on your vista fixture chooser to calculate how the pan tilt should correct whenever the fixture in a nee venue is 2 meters higher or lower than the previous.

Altough i would like the option to put the real life xyz coordinates in the patch on a fixture for accurate display. I think the CAD like calculations are no joke either

I don’t think it’s that complicated - you just have to add or subtract the value of the correction made in the first preset - the rest should set itself. Chamsys has had it for a long time and I’ve checked how it works - the simplest math - it adds/subtracts as much as the base preset has changed. And it works very well. This is exactly the same as what you can do in “Transforms” and Pan and Tilt “offsets” only based on the preset and not the offset of the device

okay yes that would be a simple way to implement but it wouldn’t really be accurate.
if the venue difference is small than it will probably work but if the venue difference is big than you will still need to manually change te presets.
If your fixtures are 5/6 meters higher than last time or more to the front or back the pan/tilt angel will be most probably wrong / to big of an offset for most pan tilt presets.

it still would be a nice feature tough